Scenic Lafayette

They are an affiliate of Scenic America, a 501c-3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to preserve and enhance the visual character of America.

Founded in 2014, Scenic Lafayette promotes beauty as a valuable asset for all who live, visit, and conduct business in the City of Lafayette.

Scenic Lafayette’s vision embraces safe, clean, calming natural landscapes for both public and private spaces.

Scenic Lafayette is committed to preserving and enhancing the natural and built environment of the city through: Policy, Partnerships, Public education, and Projects.

Scenic Lafayette is a citizen-based advocacy group that collaborates with local/regional government and like-minded civic organizations to assure positive outcomes for beautification in our communities. 

You can visit them on FaceBook HERE

The Teche Project

The Teche Ecology, Culture and History Education Project started in 2009 in St. Landry Parish. Our organization is made up of individuals passionate about making Bayou Teche a healthier waterway for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, tubing and even swimming! Along with aesthetics and recreation, we advocate for improved water quality in the Bayou Teche watershed through the reduction of non-point source pollution.

Bayou Teche is on the federal list of impaired waterways because it can not support fish and wildlife propagation. By reducing pollution, mainly sewage and run-off, we can help restore habitat. We are are working to make Bayou Teche whole again through action and education about the ecology, culture and history.

You can pay them a visit HERE

Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association

The mission of the Bayou Vermilion Preservation Association Inc. is to create awareness of our natural environment by providing education and outreach to the general community about ways to conserve, protect and enjoy the Bayou Vermilion Watershed.

Their website is located HERE

Trees Acadiana






TreesAcadiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting and conserving trees, urban and community forests. The primary goal of the organization is to maintain the community’s living environment. TreesAcadiana sponsors public tree plantings; provides education on the importance of planting and conserving trees and urban forests; and, supports the preservation of historic trees and green spaces.

You can visit their site HERE

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

An excerpt from their site:

The goal of CRCL is to reverse the pattern of net land loss in coastal Louisiana and to reestablish a sustainable balance to its geologic processes and communities. In pursuit of this goal, CRCL advocates for the implementation of sound coastal policies and monitors coastal activities to ensure that stringent regulations and enforcement policies are maintained.

Fulfilling our role as responsible stewards of Louisiana's rich coastal wetlands, we facilitate and fund actual restoration activity and work diligently to raise awareness and educate others about the importance of preserving and restoring coastal Louisiana.

CRCL works to match key financial resources with unique opportunities and diverse partnerships to leverage our efforts in the fight against coastal land loss. We play a unique and effective role in forming these partnerships and direct their efforts to ensure that they produce meaningful results.

Through these actions, CRCL works to shape the way people approach development of our coastal area and the way we manage the Mississippi River corridor. This multifaceted and comprehensive approach to coastal restoration demonstrates our steadfast commitment and distinguishes the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana from any other civic or environmental group.

Projet Nouvelle - Acadie / New Acadia Project

The New Acadia Project is an archaeological/historical initiative that aims to locate the original mid-eighteenth-century settlements of the first group of Acadian exiles in the Louisiana territory. Their descendants today comprise over 500,000 Cajuns in Louisiana and throughout the world.

The New Acadia Project is spearheaded by University of Louisiana at Lafayette archaeologist Dr. Mark Rees. Dr. Rees and his students conducted the 2003 Amand Broussard archaeology research project near Loreauville, Louisiana, where Acadian artifacts dating from the 1780’s were unearthed. Amand Broussard was the son of Acadian hero and leader Joseph Broussard who was called Beausoleil. The New Acadia Project seeks to locate artifacts which will help establish the locations of these Acadian settlements, evidenced to be near the Teche Ridge/Teche River, as early as 1765. The 2003 research project identified several areas of interest. This project is one of urgency due to ongoing and anticipated land development.

Identifying the original settlements would hopefully also lead to the discovery of the burial site of Beausoleil and of the first Acadians to settle in New Acadia/Nouvelle Acadie. Locating the original settlements would establish where Cajun culture began, eleven years prior to the birth of the United States A steering committee has been formed to lead a fundraising effort for the New Acadia Project.

Please visit their site HERE

And their FaceBook HERE

Lafayette Farmers & Artisans Market at the Horsefarm





The Mission of The Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market at the Horse Farm, Inc. (LFAM) as stated on their awesome site is to provide access to affordable food and health education by serving as a premier venue for seasonal, farm-based products and artisanal creations offered by local producers. Located in Lafayette Central Park, LFAM is a regional hub of interactive cultural and educational activity with programs ranging from cooking classes and gardening workshops to heritage events, environmental stewardship lessons, and traditional craft demonstrations. LFAM provides an arena in which farmers, gardeners, nutritionists, physicians, yoga instructors, chefs, cultural leaders, artists, consumers, and others can build collaborative relationships, thereby empowering locals to improve health outcomes and fostering a strong sense of community.

EarthShare Gardens

EarthShare Gardens is located at 241 Encore Lane, Scott, LA 70583


Their mission is to produce organic food as our way for caring for ourselves, each other, and the Earth continuing in the tradition of CSA’s yet blazing the trail for our community. Their goal is to: Establish organic community gardens Foster Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) projects Educate about organic and permaculture gardening methods, sustainable agriculture and horticulture therapy gardening. Donate fresh vegetables to local soup kitchens and food pantries.

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